Samadhi group, inc.

Jorge Fronda

Position: Client Relations/Marketing

Mr. Fronda is a graduate from UMBC with a degree in Information Systems. He takes care of all our digital marketing and everyday needs.

Matt Mueller

Position: Head of Technology

Mr. Mueller graduated from Coastal Carolina with a degree in Finance. Along with his background in finance, he provides application and network support to all clients.

John Connell

Position: President & CEO

Mr. Connell established Samadhi Group, Inc. to improve business operations with effective IT solutions. His expertise in accounting and software development is what puts him ahead of other partners. Most importantly his leadership and forward thinking is what has gotten us this far.

In the Hindu tradition, Samadhi means "to acquire integration, wholeness, or truth." It is our mission to help each of our clients achieve this important goal. We are devoted to improving the efficiency of operations through effective IT solutions and make smarter business decisions by putting information and tools at your fingertips.


TO help each of our clients attain their goals.

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